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WTF is bee pollen and why is everyone eating it?

This is real life. Not a parody.

ARE YOU STILL into chia seeds? Aw, that’s cute.

The health food set has moved on to bee pollen. Yes, bee pollen, and it’s quickly becoming the most Instagrammable food since the cronut.

They’re putting it in smoothies:

They’re sprinkling it on top of porridge:

And Ireland’s most beautiful foodie, model Roz Purcell, is of course on board with bee pollen pancakes:

Protein pancakes using @healthplusstore @platinumanddiamond Source: rozannapurcell

Bee pollen is what they call a ‘superfood’ - according to Mercola.com, it contains nearly all the nutrients required by human beings.

Fans of pollen say it gives them an energy boost, slows the ageing process, and benefits the immune system.

It’s been an ingredient in vitamins and supplements for a while now, but eating it in its most raw, unprocessed state is the newest trend for health food enthusiasts.

Does it not feck up their hayfever?

Electric #flowerelements #beepollen #eatcolor Source: Instagram/kamrah

No – bee pollen is different to airborne pollen, apparently. It’s the result of bees picking up flower pollen granules, mixing them with honey, and packing them in their hind legs to bring back to the hive.

We hope the bees are getting their cut of all that pollen profit.

What does it taste like?

Green and polleny..! #healthyeating #beepollen #healthybreakfast #vegan #veganfood #veganhugs #vegetables #meatfree #eatwell #eatclean #eatforlife #wholefoods #instafood #instafit #ilovemybody #iloveallanimals #nutrition #plantbased #fitness #weightloss #iderservegoodfood Source: Instagram/roobywhishes

Handpicked Nation describes the taste as “intense, powdery, floral, a bit chalky and slightly sweet”.

In other words, it tastes like your gran’s perfume.

Bet it costs a bomb.

Yeah, kinda.

bee_pollen_front Source: Healthwise.ie

In Ireland, 190g-230g of bee pollen is going to cost you around €10, and is available from specialist health food stores only.

When will this madness end?

When the bees consume us all. All hail the bees.

giphy Source: Giphy

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