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This disastrous family discussion in Belfast is going viral, and it's hilarious

Featuring a star appearance from Mam. (Not pictured.)

THIS IS A video of two sisters (we’re guessing) in Belfast discussing this age-old question:

If I am travelling 80 miles away at 80mph, how long will it take to reach my destination?

It’s currently going viral around the world, after hitting the top of Reddit’s videos section. That’s because of three things:

(a) The discussion goes horribly wrong, thanks to a can of Coke and some tricky conundrums.

(b) Everyone in the video is hilarious.

(c) Especially the mam.

Warning: Contains very adult language. Just sit back and let it build.

Source: Amber May/YouTube

Samuel Beckett WISHES he could write dialogue like this.

via Reddit

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