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7 very good reasons to love Benedict Cumberbatch

The Sherlock actor turns 38 today, so we must honour him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BENEDICT Cumberbatch! The Sherlock actor turns 38 today.

How do we love you, Benedict? Let us count the ways.

1. He has a ridiculous name

Benedict Cumberbatch! Benedict Cumberbatch! Have you ever heard anything like it?

NY Special Screening of The Fifth Estate Source: Andy Kropa/AP/Press Association Images

Someone has even created a Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator – yours truly’s is Snorkeldink Wafflesmack. Just rolls off the tongue.

2. He does a better-than-average Alan Rickman impression

Better than Jimmy Fallon’s, anyway. Sorry Jimmy :(

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Also: Graham Norton. The man has a gift.

3. His fans think he looks like an otter

becumbsotter Source: redscharlach.tumblr.com

We’re not sure about that. But he thinks it’s funny anyway.

4. He’s a gas ticket

Remember this at the Oscars? Ah, Benedict.

Source: Max Clendaniel/YouTube

5. He once danced to Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems with Michael Fassbender


71st Annual Golden Globes Source: Todd Williamson/AP/Press Association Images

6. His voice is strangely soothing

Just listen to him reading these R Kelly lyrics.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

7. He’s Sherlock Holmes

giphy Source: Giphy

Few other actors could have brought the super sleuth into the 21st century so excellently.

Happy birthday, Benedict! We love you.

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