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Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch hailed for fighting off real-life villains on London street
The Hollywood star came to the aid of a Deliveroo delivery cyclist who was being assaulted by muggers on a London street.
# Pathetic Watson
Benedict Cumberbatch called his co-star Martin Freeman 'pathetic' for comments made about Sherlock
Talk about your awkward work relations.
# you reptile
Badass Mrs Hudson was the best thing about season four of Sherlock
# vatican cameos
Only A True Sherlock Fan Will Get 13/13 In This Quiz
The game is on!
# 221back
Sherlock is back this Sunday! Here's everything we know so far about Season 4
# SDCC2016
10 important moments you might have missed from Comic Con 2016
# Sherlocked
The trailer for Sherlock season four is here and it is INTENSE
Why is it not 2017 yet?
# mansplain it to be baby
People had one big problem with last night's Sherlock special
Sherlock has been accused of ‘mansplaining’.
# otter madness
Benedict Cumberbatch posed like an otter and punched a teddy bear on Graham Norton last night
Everything we ever wanted.
# all is all
Here's why people are accusing Zoolander 2 of being transphobic
People are threatening to boycott the film on account of Benedict Cumberbatch’s character.
# sassy pants
Benedict Cumberbatch had the sassiest response to a mean tweet about his looks
Someone had their sassy pants on.
# put the phone down
Benedict Cumberbatch wants people to stop filming Hamlet because it's 'mortifying'
“Hashtag the s**t out of this one for me.”
# eyes off
Benedict Cumberbatch was ironically filmed asking people to stop filming his play
The Cumberbitches can’t keep their phones off him.
# phaedra
Looking for something different? This 15-mins of operatic agony might be it...
Its director Sophie Hunter, recently married to Benedict Cumberbatch, spoke to us about the production.
# wimble done
13 of the absolute best celebrity spots at Wimbledon 2015
Oh, the glamour.
# Wimbledon
Benedict Cumberbatch took his dad to Wimbledon and distracted everyone
Forget tennis, where the Cumberbitches at?
# surelook
One single image from the Sherlock Christmas special was released, and Twitter erupted
# world of celebs
Is Benedict Cumberbatch coming to Ireland?... it's The Dredge
The best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# world of celebs
Kim and Kanye claim to have a ride every 2.8 minutes... It's The Dredge
All the day’s celebrity dirt.
# heartwarming
Benedict Cumberbatch wrote a touching letter to a Sherlock fan's grieving family
The actor apologised for missing the fan’s funeral.
# sound
Benedict Cumberbatch asked 'How did it feel to lose?', answers with amazing speech
Cumberbatch lost out to Eddie Redmayne at the Oscars on Sunday, but he’s not mad about it.
# hunterbatch
11 things we've learned about Benedict Cumberbatch's wedding
He’s off the market.
# benedict cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch is getting married today, but everything's going to be okay
He’s saying ‘I do’ to Sophie Hunter on the Isle of Wight.
# tom f***ing cruise
The 10 best, oddest, and most awkward moments from the 2015 BAFTAs
Including Stephen Fry getting the shift.
# Pardon
Benedict Cumberbatch appeals for pardon for gay men convicted of 'indecency'
Stephen Fry is also one of the signatories of an open letter calling on the British government to pardon the men.
# diversity
Benedict Cumberbatch has apologised for using an 'inappropriate' racial term
The actor described black actors as “coloured” during an interview.
# b-cumbz
Benedict Cumberbatch tried out some new names and it was wonderful
“I’m Jermajesty Jackson.”
# surelook
Sherlock has started filming again! Here's everything we know so far
It’s time to get excited!
# Best Moments
10 moments you need to know about from last night's Golden Globes
Forget the winners. These are the real talking points.
# cumbereverything
Benedict Cumberbatch is having a Cumberbaby and his Cumberbitches cannot Cumbercope
They’re Cumberwhelmed, to say the least.
# pengwings
Benedict Cumberbatch is in a penguin film, but he still can't pronounce 'penguins'
Why does this keep happening to him?
# adult content
The New York Times just published the best warning about The Imitation Game
Not suitable for children.
# the dredge
Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't think the term 'Cumberbitches' is 'empowering'... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
# 221back
A new Sherlock photo is sending the internet into a frenzy, but there's one small problem with it...
When Photoshop goes wrong.
# impressions challenge
Here's Benedict Cumberbatch completely nailing a celebrity impressions challenge
The literal Imitation Game.
# trailers
VIDEO: Your weekend movies... The Imitation Game
Cinema trip this weekend? brings you snippets from new releases to help you decide where to put your money.
# b-cumbz
Benedict Cumberbatch is apparently related to the man he plays in The Imitation Game
Okay, distantly.
# world of celebs
Benedict Cumberbatch explains his engagement announcement... It's The Dredge
All of the day’s best celeb filth.
# cumberbitches
Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged, and the fangirls are in turmoil
The Sherlock actor announced his engagement in The Times today. Classy.
# pengwings
6 reasons Benedict Cumberbatch could do no wrong on Graham Norton
Bendystick Cucumbersnatch.