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Benedict Cumberbatch's amazing photobomb is now unsurprisingly a meme

It’s called Cumberbombing. Duh.

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH WAS pretty excited to be at the Oscars last night. So much so that he literally jumped for joy. Right behind U2. While they were having their photograph taken.

Naturally the internet’s best and brightest got straight to work with the editing tools, and now we have Cumberbombing – the best Benedict meme since fans Photoshopped Sherlock falling into everything from Riverdance to the set of 300.

He got himself into Ellen’s now legendary selfie:

ellenselfie Source: Hypable

Here he is imposing on some more rock icons, The Beatles:

tumblr_n1uepz8w951qdqcz5o1_500 Source: Tumblr/emelyn-shezza-winchester

The Rolling Stones:

tumblr_n1uepz8w951qdqcz5o2_500 Source: Tumblr/emelyn-shezza-winchester

And the Ramones:

tumblr_n1uepz8w951qdqcz5o3_500 Source: Tumblr/emelyn-shezza-winchester

He’s even Cumberbombing his own self, as Sherlock:

tumblr_n1uh59XG0W1s1kgfuo8_1280 Source: Tumblr

Can you spot him at the Last Supper?

tumblr_n1ue9dUtYo1sx909uo1_1280 Source: Tumblr/a-wild-tardis-appeared


tumblr_n1u8szyriB1r4lee6o1_500 Source: Tumblr/asknerdymind

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