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15 animal gifs that are bound to make you smile, every time

Sloths, pugs, raccoons, cats…the gang’s all here.

IT’S THURSDAY. IT’S lunchtime. Let’s have a little fun.

1. This pug, dancing like nobody is watching

atsiR Source: Imgur

2. The rolling raccoon



funniest-animal-gifs-manatee-nose-squish Source: Pbh2

4. This passive-aggressive cat

LXCBsEd Source: Imgur

5. This pig, who’s definitely a heavy sleeper

UZgRPQA Source: Imgur

6. Mondays, in gif form

g20yC5S Source: Imgur

7. “Hang on there…”

MEmxA9R Source: Imgur

8. This nosy monkey, trying to get the gossip

animal-gifs-gigantic-nose-monkey Source: Pbh2

(That’s a proboscis monkey, by the by.)

9. Cat vs Ham: The Showdown That Shook The World



tumblr_mpluzjIyJJ1srwlkio1_400 Source: Tumblr

11. “Cheers lads, chat to ye after”

tumblr_mrw463n1hy1s96utdo1_400 Source: Tumblr

12. This kind sloth, giving out flowers

dEmtTSX Source: Imgur

13. This greatly displeased otter

0buXZ Source: Imgur

14. And a greatly displeased cat

scratchpost Source: FunnyJunk

15. And…this.

z2i9V Source: Imgur

The things you do for treats.

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