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8 beautiful delicacies that make Irish chippers great

The chipper rules all.

THIS WEEKEND WE are thinking a lot about chips, even more than usual.

There are many amazing, amazing things you can only get at the Irish chipper.

Sure, some of these things might turn up elsewhere but it’s in the chipper that they really taste best.

1. Spice burgers


It sounds simple but there’s something about a  spice burger that just tastes amazing when coming from your nearest and dearest chipper.

It’s spicey but meaty but still has a good “chipper burger” texture.


2. Batter burger

Flickr / RPB1001

Spice burgers and general chipper burgers are great but you can’t beat the chipper knack for covering everything in batter.

A decent batter burger is a good place to start.

3. Battered sausage

Flickr / Dave Crosby

A perfect companion piece to a nice bag of chipper chips, the battered sausage will make you feel like your arteries are about to collapse with every bite but it’s worth it.

4. Cheesy chips

Flickr / Isriya

You can try doing this at home but there’s something about the chipper technique of throwing a blob of cheese over properly done chips that is just incredible.

Honourable mention for taco fries also.

5. Curry chips

Flickr / Isriya

A favourite of anyone who needs a little post night out fare, this can be combined with the cheese chip if you feel the need.

But we can safely that curry chips should only be consumed in the confines of a chipper

6. Garlic chips

You can’t mention cheese and curry without mentioning the final part of the chip trio: garlic.

If you’re sure you’re not snogging anyone in the foreseeable future (or snogging someone who also eaten garlic chips) these are very decadent.

You could also enjoy a supernova of snacking and combine cheese, curry and garlic into one amazing chip feast.

7. Insane quantities of salt and vinegar

Flickr / tuchodi

We know you can put salt and / or vinegar on your chips yourself but nothing beats the kind of (presumably magical) vinegar and salt that chippers utilise.

If your chips aren’t coated in a layer of salt so thick it burns your fingers than you are wasting your time.


Ben Molyneux/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

There’s nothing wrong with an old reliable and in the case of fish and chips we think it’s the ultimate chipper dish.

Sure, you can batter and garlic it up all day but the sheer joy of thick, juicy chips and a nice bit of battered cod is always at it’s best coming from the chipper.

And you can pretend that because you’re eating fish that the meal is totally good for you.


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