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These photos of Theresa May awkwardly eating chips have become a huge meme
Has she seen a chip before?
Supermac's chips are better than McDonald’s chips and it’s time we all admitted it
One is globally famous, the other is 100% delish.
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Chippers and Irish-Italians – they go together like salt and vinegar.
11 photos that explain how indecent taco fries are to the rest of the world
Mince. Cheese. Taco sauce. Chips. Heaven.
9 photos that will explain the glory of curry cheese chips to the rest of the world
Droolworthy stuff.
10 photos that explain the beauty of the 3-in-1 to the outside world
Take it away.
Chish N Fips in Crosshaven is the best place to get chips on a sunny day
Views from the chips.
14 deliciously filthy bits of Irish chip porn
Happy French Fry Day! Prepare to drool.
An Important And Official Ranking Of Things To Put On Chips
Probably the most important conversation we will ever have as a nation.
McDonald's is trialling garlic fries now and they look absolutely delish
Well now.
Here's why Cinelli's 'Off The Wall' is the finest chipper delicacy in Dublin 24
It’s like taco chips, but better.
The Reel Dingle Fish is Kerry's most mouthwatering chipper
Trust us on this one.
The battered sausage is the only thing you should be getting in the takeaway, TBH
Apart from chips, obvs.
Microchipping your dog will be the law next week
Owners will be subject to €5,000 fines if their dogs are unchipped.
Here's why Mullen's chipper is a Dundalk takeaway institution
And Drogheda. But mainly, spiritually, Dundalk.
Here's why Dooly's is a beloved Waterford chipper institution
The best around.
McDonald's Sweet Curry Sauce is the best McDonald's sauce there is
Do not fight us.
Boy served detergent instead of vinegar on his chips awarded damages
The boy was at the hotel on New Year’s Eve.
10 of the most decadent stacked chips you can get in Dublin
10 of the filthiest loaded chips you can get in Dublin
We've found the single most Irish Valentine's card
So sweet…
This Limerick chef just created bacon and cabbage chips
And he has plans for more.
Everyone's talking about these Irish-made sweet potato oven chips
Actually crispy sweet potato fries at home. Yes.
People who put ketchup all over their chips rather than on the side are animals
10 essential facts of life for Irish people who don't like potatoes
They exist. And they demand to be recognised.
This restaurant in London will only serve chips and it looks so good
What else do you need?
School bans 'dangerous' Doritos after claims child left struggling to breathe
The 14-year-old girl was eating the new Doritos Roulette which have a number of extremely spicy tortilla chips mixed into the bag.
9 mouthwatering ways to take your bag of chips to the next level
Brighten up that brown bag.
Should we ban giving away free toys with fast food?
A TD says Ireland should follow San Francisco’s lead on the issue.
17 places to get fish and chips in Ireland before you die
The very best.
A chip shop owner gave the most disgruntled reason for closing his shop for holidays
She must be obeyed.
Chip stand to be demolished because former L'Oreal boss thinks it's too smelly
Yes, you read that right.
8 reasons why Supermac's beats McDonald's every time
McDonald’s wants Supermac’s to change its name. We’ll see about that.
7 reasons why Five Guys Burgers coming to Ireland is amazing news
Let’s get excited.
Here's how McDonald's chips are made, and what exactly goes into them
Mmmmmmm, dimethylpolysiloxane.
11 signs McDonnells Curry Sauce is an essential part of the Irish diet
An ode to that yellowish, brownish, slimy liquid.
The 11 most popular lists of 2014
Yes, a list of lists. *head explodes*
A L'Oreal executive really hates the smelly chip shop below his Alpine retreat
The smell is an “abnormal disturbance to the neighbourhood”, apparently.
McDonald's is running so low on fries in Japan, they're limiting how much you can order
Things just got serious.
Japan is literally running out of chips, and planning emergency supplies by airlift
Supplies of delicious fries – which have to be imported from the US – are dwindling.