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The Top 13 DailyEdge Quizzes Of 2016

Knock yourself out.


IT WAS A bumper year for our beloved DailyEdge quizzes.

We learned what your Irish TD name was, tested true Dubs and found out how posh you are.

Here are the 12 that really took your fancy though. Give them a go…

13. What Percent Dryshite Are You? (taken 17,900 times)


It’s important to know these things. Take the quiz.

12. How Well Do You Remember Primary School Irish? (Taken 18,000 times)

irish e

How are your tenses? Take the quiz.

11. How Good Is Your Vocabulary? (taken 18,000 times)


Time to see how verbose you are. Take the quiz.

10. How Old Are You, Really? (taken 18,100 times)


Are there any seats? Is that not very loud? Take the quiz.

9. What Percent Wagon Are you? (taken 19,000 times)


It’s time to face the truth. Take the quiz.

8. What Percent Donegal Are You? (taken 19,200 times)

done Source: flickr

A very important quiz. Wile important. Take it here.

7. What Is Your Irish Drag Name? (taken 20,000 times)

drag Source: madgalindiana/Instagram

Mine’s ‘Me Hole Martin’. What’s yours?

6. Only An Irish Person Can Get 17/17 In This Quiz (taken 21,000 times)

irish Source: fazedandconfused.com

Do you know your tracker mortgages from your Den presenters? Take the quiz.

5. Can You Guess The Irish County From One Single Photo? (taken 22,000 times)


So many beautiful views. But where are they? Take the quiz.

4. What Percent Ride Are You? (taken 24,500 times)


You’re all 100%. Of course. But take the quiz, just to check.

3. Only A True Culchie Will Get Over 75% In This Quiz (taken 26,000 times)

culchie2 Source: Wikimedia Commons

Will you do the parish proud? Take the quiz.

2. Only True Grammar Nerds Will Get Over 80% In This Quiz (taken 27,000 times)


How’s your semicolon knowledge? Take the quiz.

1. What Percent Culchie Are You? (Taken 52,000 times)

culchie Source: flickr

Asking all the important questions about dinner serving times and essential song lyrics. Take the number one quiz.

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