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10 handy infographics that will help you become a drink expert


MANY OF US enjoy a cheeky tipple every now and again.

But are you doing it right? Allow these infographics help turn you into an expert drinker.

1. Learn how to pour the perfect beer straight from the bottle

34245 Source: Raw Hustle

Without having a glass full of head.

2. Perfect the art of pouring Guinness from a can with this helpful tutorial



Guinness master brewer Fergal Murray explains how to here.

Make sure you don’t get caught off-guard by the widget.

3. Know your whiskey from your bourbon

Infographic_Know_Your_Whiskey_H Source: liquorandwineoutlets/Tumblr

Never again will you get confused between scotch and rye.

4. Become a total wine snob and learn what type of food goes with each wine

syCdozZ Source: Imgur

Prosecco and fish? Who knew!

5. And impress all your friends by learning what cheese goes with each wine

7wxi2Hz Source: Imgur

View larger image here.

6. Act like you know what you’re talking about when it comes to craft beer

beers2 Source: Imgur

Know your pilsners from your IPAs.

7. Don’t know what craft beer you should try? This will help.

beer Source: Imgur

For the next time you’re in a craft beer pub.

8. Meanwhile, here is a quick guide as to what foods go with different types of beer

IfK55vd Source: Imgur

No, it’s not just a list that says “pizza”.

9. Can’t decide what to drink? Perhaps this calorie guide will help

wine-vs-beer-infographic Source: winefolly

View it in higher resolution here.

10. And finally, when you’re finished drinking, this infographic will make you feel less alone

hangover-final_thumb Source: NeoMam Studios


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