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Here, which Irish cheese is the best?

Tell us.

cheese Source: Flickr

HERE IN IRELAND, we’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cheese.

But which is the best cheese?

We have a few contenders…

Charleville Cheddar

charleville_redCheddarBlock_200g Source: Centra

One of the stalwarts of the Irish cheese scene (and quite frequently on offer in supermarkets) Charleville is a safe and reliable bet whether you’re eating it by itself or sticking it in a cheese toastie.

It inspires the kind of love Shakespeare once wrote about.

And it’s good for horsing into.


mature-red-290x182 Source: Kilmeaden

Like Charleville, Kilmeaden is an old reliable although it almost certainly has more notions about it. (“Hand cut slices”? “Fillet of cheese”? It’s a block of cheddar, lads.)

We’ll forgive it, though, because it’s so damned delicious.


dubliner-cheese-main Source: Kerrygold Dubliner

It’s not the kind of cheese you’d happily eat a block of, but there’s something sophisticated and unique about Dubliner that sets it apart from the rest.


DG001GalteeProcCheddarBlk225g280612 Source: youririshshop

We’ll admit that Galtee gets a bad rap, but you’d have to have a heart made of stone to not feel vaguely nostalgic for it.

Plus we hear they go well with Rich Tea biscuits.

Easi Singles

017-5011069123017-IDShot_225x225 Source: Tesco

Often written off as being “plastic cheese”.

But you can’t go wrong with an Easi Singles toastie if we’re being real about it.

Also, apparently it goes well with wine.

Who knew?


So, which is the best cheese? You tell us. 

Poll Results:

Charleville (1225)
Kilmeaden (1104)
Dubliner (839)
Galtee (275)
Easi Singles (244)

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