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9 Irish Christmas ads that will hit you right in the feelings

I dunno, it seems VEERRRY unorthodox.

CHRISTMAS ADS HAVE the power to make you cry, send shivers down your spine, and take you right back to when you were a wee slip of a thing.

We know they’re trying to sell us stuff, but they’re giving us the spirit of Christmas for FREE. And that’s what matters.

Here are some of the best Christmas ads that have graced our screens.


Source: Jerome Curtin

It’s not very often that Ireland has a white Christmas, but each year this ad gives us a little taster of what might have been.


Source: O2ireland

Ah, it’s snowing! And they’re floating cos they love each other! So to answer the question in the heart string-tugging song – yes, love is alive.


Source: Mikosyko

This one will send you right back to your childhood, and make you believe in the magic of Christmas all over again. Just watch it and see.

Coca Cola

Source: Coca-Cola

The Coca Cola ad is the one that for many signals the arrival of Christmas. The trucks, the snow, the catchy jingle – it’s the perfect holiday ad.

John Lewis

Source: JohnLewisRetail

Though this year’s The Bear and the Hare is just as cute, 2012′s The Journey is where the “Christmas ads to make you weep” trend all began. Now everyone’s trying to make you cry, but John Lewis did it best.


Source: DennyHomeIs

“He’s a wery dud Santy.”

Barry’s Tea

Source: flurbyrock

This evocative radio ad will probably send a tear or two down your cheek, unless you have a heart of stone.

Penneys’ jingle

Source: PenneysIreland

The jingle alone is enough to bring on the Christmassy feeling in waves. They’ve got a whole lot of things for Christmas and a lot for the family, dontcha know?

An Post

Source: basj1976

The original ad isn’t available online, but it’s the music that does it. We’re walking in the aaaiiiiiiiiirrrr…

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