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Is this the most unrealistic picture of Beyoncé ever?

It is like looking at a picture of Beyoncé’s alien twin sister.

THE MIGHTY BEYONCÉ is famous for many things and part of that package is how “bootylicious” she is.

It makes it a bit weird then when we see her looking anything less than toned and healthy.

Sadly it seems that fashion designer Roberto Cavalli has his own vision in mind for the star.

Having designed a new outfit for her current world tour, this sketch of it was posted on their Facebook page:

Roberto Cavalli / Facebook

We’re not sure if it’s the elongated legs or Barbie doll face that freaks us out the most but these images from Beyoncé’s website show how the gown looks on actual, human, non-alien Beyoncé

Beyoncé / Tumblr

We reckon it looks way better moving around Beyoncé’s already impressive bod during her performance:

Beyoncé / Tumblr

There are plenty of comments underneath the sketch, some feeling it creates an unrealistic image:

Why would you do such a sketch that clearly doesn’t reflect her shape?! I really don’t get why brands force women to follow certain kind of body shapes that most people find unattractive

While others are claiming that it reflects a standard practise in the fashion industry:

People who don’t know anything about fashion are stupid enough to assume photoshop and say she’s too thin. Obviously this is a sketch in which he happened to use Beyoncé’s face. It’s intended to show the dress not Beyoncé. And I love it, btw.

Still, we’ll take flesh and blood Beyoncé over a weird sketch anytime.

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