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Family Fortunes

11 signs you grew up in a big family

Do you have enough siblings to make up a football team? AND some subs?

DID YOU GROW up in a big family?

We can relate. Here are the tell-tale signs that you come from a big old clan.

Being possessive of your dinner

You DEMAND equal distribution of the good stuff. You’ve carried this feral attitude into adulthood, often stabbing guests at dinner parties in your haste to get your fair share of roast potatoes.

Image: weheartit

Fighting for the bathroom

If you don’t fight or queue for the bathroom in the morning, then you’ll have to sacrifice your shower. Leave it too late? Immersion is gone. Disaster. You’ll have to just stink all day at school.

Image: Joy Reactor

Never having enough room in the car

Trying to squeeze a big family into a car is kind of like human Tetris. The youngest will ALWAYS end up sitting on someone’s lap.

Image: Aliontherun

Christmas must be approached with military precision

Dishing out the dinner is a tense affair, and organising getting all those presents required steely mental stamina (and deep pockets).

Image: efunlist

Constantly interrupting

In order to be heard, you learnt to just speak over everyone else. This has not made you many friends later in life.

Getting called all your siblings’ names

And even the dog’s name before they’d eventually get around to yours.

Image: Miscellaneous Mom

Everyone has nicknames

There are just too many names to list off otherwise.

One hobby – everyone’s hobby

If someone took up the piano, then you were all taking up the piano. If you had older siblings that played tennis, you were sure as hell playing tennis too. Sure listen, we’ve already got all the racquets, this decision is FINAL.

Image: Doblelol

Cast offs, theft and hand me downs

Vintage is nothing new to you. You’ve been wearing hand me downs since you were a tot, and stealing clothes since you could walk.

Image: Some eCards

Excitement at the thought of your own room

Forget having a double bed. You were excited to move out because it meant you’d no longer have to share a room. Or – God forbid – BUNKBEDS.

Image: Stupid Humans

Forever fighting for space

There just aren’t enough chairs/couches/cushions to go around in the house. Inevitably, someone was going to end up sitting on the floor to watch TV. Your mission was to make damn sure it wasn’t you – by all means necessary.

Image: Tumblr

Did we leave anything out? Let us know in the comments.

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