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Soundest bike thief ever returns bike, leaves excellent apology note

“10/10. Would steal again.”

IF ONLY ALL would-be bike thieves got a bad case of the guilts, like this guy.

This bike was recently stolen in Perth, Australia, and returned the next day with an apology note attached:

2wU5p3e Source: r/funny

Apologies – stole your bike last night in the final chapter of an Export-fuelled* rampage. Smooth ride tho. Great bike choice fam. 10/10 would steal again.

(*According to Reddit, ‘Export’ is most likely referring to Emu Export, an Australian beer.)

Well. At least they’re being honest.

Is this the new Guinness pint glass?>

This Vine of Miriam O’Callaghan being a boss is perfect>

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