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These two Irish guys blagged their way into the McGregor fight in New York for free

Here’s how they did it.

chancers Source: Shane Gillen Twitter

WHAT DO YOU do when you’re in New York for the weekend and the historic Conor McGregor fight happens to be on?

Well, you might try and get a ticket outside if you could get a good deal.

But these two Irish lads over there went one better – they blagged their way in for free

shanecover Source: Shane Gillan Twitter

Irish magician Shane Gillan and YouTuber Kymann Power were in New York the day before the fight and Kymann came up with a plan – to somehow chance their arm and get into the McGregor fight in Madison Square Garden.

As Shane tells DailyEdge.ie, it was an audacious plan:

First, Kymann went to the venue the day before with his zoom lense

whatsapp Source: Shane Gillen

The plan was simple: make their own replica of the media pass from the photograph that Kymann got

whatsapp2 Source: Shane Gillen

They fired up Photoshop and did the best they could

whatsapp3 Source: Shane Gillen

The plan was coming together:

Had to guess the size and colour. Printed them 6 x 4 and got them laminated, bought lanyards and saw that people had their names and credentials stuck to the back of the real passes on white stickers.

“So we did the same with ours”

ufc205 Source: Shane Gillen

Now, with their credentials sorted, the two lads just had the small matter of multiple security checks to deal with – but as Shane says, they were prepared to do anything to get in:

We pretended we were in a serious rush, so when security stopped us we acted a little put out, as if we had to get to a job.

And they had their homework done:

We brought laptops and cameras to make it look the part and tried to just wear muted tones, just to look like we knew what we were at.

They used their best blagging skills to get past the checkpoints:

We were told at one entrance that we needed to go to a different entrance, then that security guard said to us “I know the email said differently but that’s the way it is”, so that gave us a little ammo to use at the next door. If we said “Oh the email said to go to the other door”, then it would make it look like we got an email about it!

Once they finally got inside they went straight to the bar “to settle the nerves”, understandably enough.

Now in, the view they had for the fight was absolutely perfect

madison Source: Shane Gillen Facebook

They were even knocking around the press conference after as well

chancers2 Source: Shane Gillen Twitter

They were so close that they got some class shots of The Notorious himself, and watched the whole thing a couple of rows from the front

notoriouscover Source: Shane Gillen

Luckily, Shane documented it all in a Snapchat story and uploaded it to Facebook

Two lads, one impossible UFC dream – and they pulled it off in style

theladscover Source: Shane Gillen

What a night.

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