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book banter

These books with a letter missing now have amazing covers

Photoshop fun at it’s finest.

MOST TWITTER HASHTAGS can be a bit of a flash in the pan but some people really let their creativity fly.

The tag #bookswithalettermissing was trending yesterday so @darth decided to have some fun with it and create imaginary book covers from requests sent his way.

They’re an impressive bunch:

1. The children’s classic reimagined:

2. The sly dig at the expense of a search engine:

3. This new take on a favourite of many of us during our teens

4. A food related pun of the highest order

5. The skater’s choice:

6. Crow capers

7. An excellent ear pun

8. Elves for all

9. A biblical tale that may or may not include dinosaurs

10. This one is a bit trippy

11. The version of Twilight we can truly get behind:

H/T to Daily Dot

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