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# twilight together
How the Twilight Together photo project captured the mood (and hearts) of the nation
We spoke to photographer Ruth Medjber about putting the project together this summer.
# take a bite
Quiz: How well do you remember the Twilight series?
A new Twilight book is due to come out later this year.
# sacrilege
Catholic priests in Poland burn Harry Potter and Twilight books
Photos show priests carrying a basket of books and other items including an African-styled face mask.
# after
A movie based on a One Direction fanfiction is being criticised for how it portrays relationships
‘After’ is due out next year.
# Team Edward
Robert Pattinson said that being cast in Twilight was 'a turning point' in his life
It’s been 10 years since Twilight graced our screens.
# what year is this
There could be more Twilight and Hunger Games movies on the horizon
# twilight
Twilight to return... in new series of short films on Facebook
We can’t believe it either.
# lauren cullen
This woman is married to a cardboard cut out of Robert Pattinson
Don’t worry though, it’s ART.
# fangs for nothing
Production company sues Twilight films for being "racist and perverted"
The relationship between a 17-year-old girl and a 100-year-old vampire doesn’t sit well with them.
# twitoos
Twihard spends over €10k getting Robert Pattinson tattooed all over her body
The vampire-themed ink took 91 hours to complete.
# book banter
These books with a letter missing now have amazing covers
Photoshop fun at it’s finest.
# happy birthday rob
Robert Pattinson hates Twilight, and here's the hard evidence
It’s his birthday, and making you aware of this is our gift to him.
# lámh drop
Lobbing the gob: The MTV guide to amazing screen kisses
There are screen kisses and there are MTV screen kisses.
Column: Can Hollywood produce a female lead who's interesting in her own right?
The movie industry is beginning to cater for female audiences, but the likes of Bella Swan are no Ripley in terms of role models for women, writes Darren Mooney.
# Ah here
8 surprisingly young celebs who will make you feel old
The perfect list to make you feel old and unsuccessful. Sigh.
# Shoe knew?
11 pairs of trainers that will blow your mind
Serious shoe envy.
# citizen cat
Casablanca, Twilight, The Shining… starring cats
Alright Mr DeMilk, I’m ready for my close up.
# i did not know that
Forget about vampires, here's 12 things you never knew about Bond
While the latest Twilight release is busy ruining men’s weekend’s everywhere, here’s something to help keep you sane.
# twilight
Pics: Kristen Stewart's undie-flashing dress... and 4 even bigger fashion mysteries
K-Stew’s knickers weren’t even the weirdest thing on show at the Twilight premiere.
The Dredge: Kristen Stewart flashes her knickers at Breaking Dawn premiere
The best of the morning’s celebrity dirt…
# r pissed
VIDEO: Was Robert Pattinson drunk on telly?
Did he have a few ales before appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live?
# sleb watch
Twilight stars arriving in Dublin this Saturday
Which ones? Which ones? Which ones?!
# robsten
In pictures: Rented home of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson on the market
The $6m Bel Air property has dramatic reservoir and canyon views.
# robsten
VIDEO: Finally, Kristen-vs-Robert gets the overly serious analysis it deserves
“Bonnie, could this get any worse?”
# robsten no more
Robert Pattinson 'moves out of house'; Twihards deny everything
Plus: his “statement”.
# K-Stew
Gallery: The internet passes judgement on Kristen Stewart's cheating
Some people REALLY aren’t happy.
# In Pictures
Kristen Stewart is Hollywood's highest paid actress
That is according to Forbes’ latest rich-list. Here’s the top 10.
# Right to Read
Parents concerned over content in children's books
International concerns about what children read are now troubling Irish parents.
# wills and kate
Barbie manufacturer to mark William and Kate's wedding anniversary - with dolls
And they’re not the only famous couple being commemorated with Barbie dolls this year…
# twilight
Twilight Breaking Dawn film blamed for seizures
US reports claims that graphic birthing scene in the latest instalment of the Twilight film series may have triggered seizures in its viewers.
Column: Our culture glorifies domestic violence – from women, that is
Popular images tell us slapping a man is an appropriate response to romantic troubles, writes Lisa McInerney. So what does that say about our culture?
# Going Viral
The YouTube chart: some of the best videos from the past week
Tiger Woods gets hot, an interruption to Caroline Wozniaki’s service and Field of Dreams 2.
# Baby Names
Teen Mom inspires new rash of US baby names
Pregnant teenage reality TV stars and their offspring make ‘trending’ list for 2010 – but Elvis has left the building.