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Crafty nine-year-old steals family car to avoid having to go to school

Officers said the child couldn’t actually see beyond the wheel.

Image: NBC Miami

WE’VE ALL DONE odd things to try and get a day off school but none compare with the efforts of one American child.

Ferris Bueller himself just couldn’t compete.

The Miami Herald reports that a nine-year-old was taken into custody by police when he stole the family car after an argument about going to school.

Miami Gardens Police spokesman Michael Wright told the press that the young boy decided to get back at his mother by stealing the keys to the vehicle.

“He didn’t want to go to school today”, Wright explained.

The child is thought to have been driving for around 45 minutes when officers discovered him while responding to reports of a boy throwing rocks at his grandmother’s front door.

They ran the licence plate number, discovered that it was registered to the same address, and pulled the car over. The young man was removed from the vehicle and taken away in handcuffs.

Wright told NBC Miami:

He just went through our city without any regard to property or life.

The boy isn’t the first child to be found behind the wheel of a stolen vehicle this year. In February, a 10-year-old Norwegian boy crashed his parents’ car into a ditch and told police he was a dwarf who’d forgotten his licence.

The same boy was discovered behind the wheel of another stolen vehicle less than two weeks later.

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