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Boy awakes from a coma addicted to cheese and swearing


A 15-YEAR-OLD BOY from Chesterfield in the UK awoke from a coma with two rather quirky side effects: An addiction to cheese, and a propensity for swearing.

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Kai Thomas (15) was put into an induced coma last year to help him recover from a brain bleed. According to the Daily Mail, as he regained the ability to move and speak, his mother, Tracey, noticed he was behaving rather differently.

“He’s addicted to cheese and he can’t stop swearing,” said Tracey.

One day I was in the kitchen when I heard Kai yelling in his bedroom. He was screaming “F***, b*****, s***”. I wondered what on earth was going on – the expletives were coming thick and fast.

She found Kai snacking on a whole block of cheese – since then, he has started eating several blocks a day and even has cheese sprinkled on his cereal.

“We asked the doctor about it and apparently it’s quite normal for people to develop inappropriate or aggressive behaviour after waking up from a coma,” Tracey told the Daily Mail.

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“So while that’s explained the swearing, no one can explain the cheese.”

We can think of one reason: Cheese is DELICIOUS.

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