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Little boy writes heartbreaking letter to the 'bad men' who stole his dog

“Can Fern come home now please?”

THIS IS FERN. She has been missing from her home in Surrey, England, since April 2013.

Find Fern - Profile Pictures | Facebook Source: Facebook/Find Fern

Fern’s humans, the Ferrier family, believe that the Springer Spaniel was stolen from outside their home. Though it’s been nearly two years since Fern went missing, the family has never given up hope on finding her again.

Now Ethan Ferrier, aged 4, has written his first ever letter – to the ‘bad men’ who took Fern away. The touching note is being shared widely on Twitter:

findfern2 Source: Twitter/@findfernwithme

fernnote Source: Twitter/@findfernwithme

To the bad men who took Fern. Can Fern come home now please. I miss her. Ethan

In a recent Facebook post, the Ferriers say there have been no leads since Fern’s disappearance, but they are determined to keep going until there is a break in the case:

This is all we have, so we will ride this wave with fingers, toes and legs crossed that somebody has a tiny bit of information which may help us locate her. Hope, support, and the odd person saying “I believe it’s possible” is all we have to keep us ploughing forwards.

*wipes away tear*

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