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Little boys call 911 to talk to Santa, get a visit from police instead

TWO YOUNG BROTHERS found themselves in a spot of bother after accidentally dialling 911 – but only because they were looking to speak to Santa Claus.

The youngsters – Blake (6) and Brody (3) – from Wisconsin were playing with their father’s mobile phone when they decided to ‘call Santa’.

Their parents didn’t realise they had actually called 911 until the emergency services called back and asked what was wrong – and two police officers showed up at their door.

The officers gave the boys a quick lesson in the proper use of 911, and told them the best way to contact Santa was in person.

Local police chief Christopher MacNeill told ABC News:

What we said is, basically, the North Pole is out of our jurisdiction.

Honest mistake! Don’t put them on the naughty list, Santa.

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