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14 things you'll remember if you went to an all-boys school

Wedgies. Farts. Fights. It’s all there.

FOLLOWING ON FROM our recent stroll down the lane that holds memories of female-only education, today we’re going to examine the world of all-male schools.

How many of these memories of an all-boys education strike a chord with you?

Fancying every female teacher under 40

Cameron Diaz Source: EyesOnFire89

Even if they weren’t in any way attractive.

The guys who thought they were Gods because they were good at football/GAA/rugby

Junior Rugby Team 1979-1980 Source: stmunchins

The guys who clearly hated sports but were forced to play football/GAA/rugby

rugby Source: Flickr/stmunchins

The fear of the unknown when you open the door to a toilet cubicle

Inside the Cubicle Inside the Little Room in the Office Source: Theen ...


Untitled Source: kynan tait

Feigning interest in drama because the local girls’ school were joining in in your play

Zach's School Play Source: DAR in Austin

Fights organised for a specific time and place after school

Fight, fight, fight. Source: theirhistory

Lying about your experience with girls


The perennial rumour about a former 6th year who scored a teacher at the Debs

trinity-ball-afters-346x500 Source: Photocall Ireland/Mark Stedman

It almost certainly never happened, but the idea that it could happen to you kept it going.

Abusing the one guy who forgot about non-uniform day and came in in his uniform

School uniforms Source: I like



So much farting.  The louder and smellier the more heroic.

Inventing random sports/ games and playing them obsessively for a week until you came up with a new one

Chesterfield Boys School 1980 Source: Jon's pics

Crude drawings of the the male genitalia appearing on every surface



Shocking amounts of casual homophobia



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