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So here's why you shouldn't breastfeed after applying fake tan

Oh dear.

mam1 Source: Facebook/Gemma Colley

FOR MANY NEW mothers, getting back to normal after a pregnancy can mean reclaiming their old beauty routine – but just make sure that beauty routine fits with your new lifestyle.

Gemma Colley shared this picture of her baby boy on the parenting Facebook page The Unmumsy Mum, writing:

From one mum to another, I’d like to let you know about my epic fail offails. Yesterday I had a spray tan, a few hours later I breastfed my little boy. Cue five o’clock shadow and a very guilty mummy. Lesson to you all. Don’t do this.

Gemma Colley - Photos of The Unmumsy Mum | Facebook Source: Facebook/The Unmumsy Mum

Pretty! Luckily, the next night’s feed was a lot less orange:

Gemma Colley - Gemma Colley's Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook/The UnMumsy Mum

For any glamorous mams-to-be worrying about how they’re going to keep up their glow, don’t worry – fake tan isn’t harmful to the baby, but KellyMom.com recommends that you wash it off your boobs before breastfeeding.

At least we know the little lad looks good with a colour? That has to count for something.

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