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# beauty q
Beauty Q: Do you think fake tan advertising campaigns are diverse enough?
Sound off.
# fake tan fails
20 observations you'll understand if you still haven't cracked the whole fake tan thing
‘Someone help me!’
# Pale Problems
9 problems with having pale skin in Ireland
It’s all fun and games until it becomes too hot to wear tights.
# the bermuda triangle
The 8 stages of attempting to tan your back
It is NOT a job intended to be done solo.
# tantastic
Calling all fake tan huns - Cocoa Brown is bringing out a '12 Days of Tan' advent calendar
Why not like? There’s an advent calendar for everything else.
# Handy
An Irish woman has created wipes especially for getting rid of your manky old fake tan
Orange be gone!
# lunch crunch
Poll: Do you wear fake tan?
Give it to us straight. Be honest.
# tan me
Just 5 of the best fake tans out there right now
It’s bronze o’clock
# shoplifters
Cash, drugs and fake tan among the most common items stolen from pharmacies
Pharmacists have said that violent raids can have a physical and psychological effect on staff.
# fake tan hands
Men are really identifying with this guy's struggle to help his fiancée do her fake tan
# thursday tan night
22 things you'll know if you're a girl who LOVES her fake tan
Throw your tanning mitts up if you feel me.
# tantalising
This beauty blogger used instant coffee to make fake tan but people aren't convinced
Can you imagine the SMELL.
# you've been tangoed
This Irish vlogger applied 100 layers of fake tan and the results were truly horrific
Do NOT try this at home.
# tansie
This 'fake tan-proof onesie' will stop you destroying your bedsheets
Keep it on your body where it belongs.
# fake tan fails
14 photos any girl who uses fake tan will relate hard to
Bang of biscuits.
# fake tan
Gals of Ireland -- stop trying on clothes when you're wearing fake tan
# tantastic
8 reasons why Irish gals should ditch the fake tan for winter
A call to arms.
# tantastic
So here's why you shouldn't breastfeed after applying fake tan
Oh dear.
# Faking it
8 things men just don't understand about fake tan
Haven’t a breeze what’s going on.
# burning questions
9 questions all Irish women in their twenties desperately need an answer to
*slams fist on the table* We MUST find out.
# fake tan
10 things Irish men would like Irish women to know
Sports, tan, friends, feelings.
# Hot stuff
8 body woes every woman dreads in warm weather
From humidity hair to underboob sweat. It’s OK. We’re here.
# Making A Splash
How much cash do Irish people spend on preening before a holiday?
A survey found that 71% of Irish women say getting a bikini wax is a top priority.
# here come the girls
10 things Irish girls love
More than anything. Except their daddies.
# give peace a chance
12 simple things that are likely to cause an argument in Ireland
‘I rang for the takeaway the last time!’
# tan laughs
The secret to how Irish girls apply fake tan
This stencil art speaks the truth.
# nose torture
11 smells that will make you want to block your nose forever
Our poor, poor noses.
# Badvertising
The creepiest fake tan ad you'll see today
Rub it on, rub it on yeah.