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Three sisters have received €107,000 in gifts just for posting selfies

“If men want to treat us, why argue?” Lucy Brooks says.

THREE SISTERS IN the UK claim to have received €107,000 in lavish gifts like laptops and designer shoes, all for posting selfies.

CB-k25RWEAAn6J_ Source: Twitter/@Lucy_Anne

Glamour model Lucy Brooks first started receiving gifts in 2010, when a male admirer sent her a bottle of perfume in response to her selfies.

Two years later, she started posting pictures with her sisters Stacie and Sophie, after which they began receiving presents too.

The Brooks sisters have now received £75,000 (€107,000) in gifts, including iPads, designer handbags, and hundreds of bouquets of flowers.

But why is it all happening? The girls are benefiting hugely from the ‘rinsing’ craze on social media, in which men offer gifts or cash to women, expecting nothing in return.

As Michelle Hennessy writes in this piece for TheJournal.ie, these men often get great pleasure from spending their money on women they don’t know.

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Lucy said they would never meet the men or do anything sexual with them:

It’s not seedy. It’s hardly like we’re selling our bodies. We’re doing many of these men a favour. They love our pictures and tell us how fun we look. We brighten up their day, in an innocent way.

“They don’t have a glamorous girl to treat at home, so they get a kick out of buying for us,” she added.

While the majority of the men keep their distance from the sisters, they did have to take out a restraining order against one man who inundated the girls with messages and travelled to see them at their beauty salon in St Alban’s.

“We know how lucky we are,” Lucy told the Sunday Mirror.

What girl doesn’t love to be spoiled? Some people might criticise us, but if someone sent them a beautiful new pair of shoes, would they return them? I doubt it. If men want to treat us, who are we to argue?

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