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The internet is obsessed with this dad who built a tree in his daughter's bedroom

And it looks CLASS.

bedtree1 Source: Imgur

THE ADORABLE STORY of how one daughter’s bedroom has been transformed by her dad is taking the internet by storm today.

She really wanted a fairytale-style tree in her room - and dad delivered.

“My daughter wanted a fairy tree in her room that she could sit inside and read books, climb the branches, and also have a top sitting area.”

bedtree2 Source: Imgur

The dad shared the project to Imgur last night, and it’s already been viewed over a million times.

The place looks beyond class.

It took him 18 months of work, but he delivered the goods

bedtree3 Source: Imgur

In a detailed post to Imgur, he showed what the room looked like before

beforeandafter Source: Imgur

And every stage of the process

process Source: Imgur

Which might just put him favourite for dad of the year award

hangs Source: Imgur

As he says, his daughter was a “happy customer” as he worked nights and weekends after his regular job

fairywindow Source: Imgur

He created a little bit of paradise

areatosit Source: Imgur

And it’s now the most famous kids bedroom on the internet this week

paradise Source: Imgur

Well played.

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