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strung out

Burglar caught on CCTV robbing a charity shop in a G-string

He wasn’t scantily clad for long, though. He robbed himself a Batman costume. As you do.

IF YOU WERE going to commit a crime, you’d do your best not to get recognised, right?

This thief obviously thought his birthday suit would be the best disguise, and casually strolled into an Australian charity shop wearing nothing but a G-string.

batmanburglar2 7 News 7 News

According to 7 News, the burglar went through the stock, picking out a Batman mask and cape to dress himself in. To complete his outfit, he plumped for a ‘bride to be’ hen night sash. Fetching.

batmanburglar 7 News 7 News

batmanburgar3 Cheeky flash of the G-string there 7 News 7 News

He was captured on CCTV wandering around the back yard of the store for about 40 minutes, holding a Batman doll.

Instead of being thoroughly creeped out, store owner Michelle Rowe seems to see some humour in the situation.

It was very unique. Most people will at least try to rob you with their clothes on, surely.

And she even praised the burglar’s choice of ensemble:

He didn’t look too bad in it, either.

The crook was eventually revealed to be a 35-year-old man, who lived just streets away from the shop.

He’s due in court later this month. Somebody find him a suit, for the good of everyone involved.

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