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You can now buy your own piece of Ireland from anywhere in the world

For the low low price of $49.99!

EVEN IF YOU’RE not on the much vaunted property ladder or you’re living abroad you can now “own a piece of Ireland” in the words of BuyIreland.com

Yes, that’s BuyIreland.com in case you thought you read that wrong.

The website reaches out to those abroad who may never have got to visit:

Have you always dreamed of travelling to or buying property in Ireland? Did one or more members of your family emigrate from Ireland years ago, and you have always felt a historical connection to the beautiful island of Ireland?

If you answered YES to either of those questions then relax because the site will let you buy a one square foot of land in County Roscommon for $49.99 and there’s free shipping too.

What a bargain.

Hugh Rooney/Eye Ubiquitous/Press Association Images

Lest you think this is all an elaborate hoax then rest assured it’s all totally legit, John and Thomas, who set up the site in 2003, explain on the page that:

We spent over 12 months making sure every legal detail was taken care of. Your order comes complete with an official certificate of ownership and a comprehensive legal deed of assurance which sets out the contractual details and legalities of your purchase, along with the terms and conditions

If you purchase some land than it is definitely owned by you but you can’t build anything on it (all one square foot) because that would “spoil the untouched natural beauty of the area”.

As ridiculous as this seems we guess it is a nice gesture and when you buy your plot you get a certificate of ownership, photos of the land, a deed of assurance and directions to where it is because “Ireland is famous for its poor signposting”.

The cheek.

Still this is a nice enough package:

via BuyIreland.com

We reckon this is sort of genius so if anyone wants to help us flog a square foot of turf or some glossy photos of sheep standing in fields drop us a line and let’s make some magic happen.

H/T to Reddit

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