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Cancelled! 10 of the weirdest guest stars on 90210

Michael Jackson’s teenage son Prince Michael Jackson is the latest… Shame the show has just been axed.

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THE HEADY WORLD of 90210 is not without its ups and downs.  This week, for example, we got the exciting news that Michael Jackson’s son was set to make a guest appearance but then today we found out that it’s being cancelled.

It’s worth noting though that during its five season run, the sister to the iconic original series Beverly Hills 90210 has picked up some “interesting” guest stars.

Prince Michael Jackson is just the beginning of the strange mix of names that have appeared on the show. This is our guide to some of the most unusual.

1. Billy Ray Cyrus

He was a country star in his own right, then he became famous for being the dad of Miley Cyrus and then Billy Ray decided to do a guest role on 90210.

He played Judd Ridge, the mouthy country music star dad (this sounds familiar) of one of the cast.

He also performed one of his own songs on the show, because nothing says youthful teen drama better than a guy in his 50s singing country music.

TheCW44 / YouTube

2. Kim and Khloé Kardashian

They are part of the always on camera Kardashian clan so it’s no surprise these two ended up on 90210.

They play themselves and it’s all really camp but let’s not for a second pretend these girls know how to act.


3. Diablo Cody

She wrote Juno and won an Oscar and has gone to write the likes of Young Adult and the TV series United States of Tara but we know what Diablo Cody’s real moment of glory is.

It’s appearing on an episode of 90210 in it’s first season. Cody played herself and got to work alongside Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth who were also reprising their roles of Donna and Kelly from the original series.

Spelling and Cody talk about their appearance in this interview, Cody seems particularly enthused to be working with her childhood heroes.

wnol / YouTube

4. Shannen Doherty / Jennie Garth / Tori Spelling

We mentioned Tori above and it’s important to note the sheer weirdness of getting to watch the three big names from the original series play adult versions of themselves.

Doherty and Garth spent most of the first season working out the Kelly and Brenda rift from the original show and Tori brought back Donna (!) who was now a fashion designer (!!) living in Japan (!!!) for an episode of that season.

AND Jason Priestly who played Brandon Walsh directed an episode of the first season too. Mad.

Garth returned for some of season 2 but the show soon moved away from using the original cast.

Presumably so they could book the Kardashians and the children of dead popstars.

HayleAngls / YouTube

5. La Toya Jackson

Michael’s son might be appearing on the show soon but his aunt La Toya has already had a run on the series.

While you might doubt her thespian chops, La Toya plays a music manager who takes no prisoners.

Well, she struts around in a pants suit and that’s about it.

TVPA3 / YouTube

6. Rumer Willis

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore have an acting offspring in Rumer Willis who has turned up in a bunch of movies.  Perhaps she’ll be the model for MJ’s son when he does the show.

Willis did a ten episode stint on 90210 as a plucky student reporter who ends up in a relationship with teen-mom turned popstar Adrianna (we’re not making this up).

In fairness 10 episodes as a guest star isn’t bad. Beat that Prince Michael Jackson.

staaarstruck9 / YouTube

7. Joey McIntyre

If you’re a New Kids on the Block fan then you may be excited that Joey is appearing on 90210 on the current season. He’s turned up on shows like Psych and Boston Public but on 90210 he sticks to his music roots and plays a talent manager.

He doesn’t break out into a solo version of any NKOTBH hits but maybe he can pop back in before the season ends.


8. Ryan Lochte

He may have won 11 Olympic medals for swimming but we reckon Ryan Lochte’s real achievement is guest starring on 90210.

As himself. With his shirt off and his abs glistening.

We all measure success differently, OK?

TVProm0s/ YouTube

9. Joe Jonas

The sight of Joe Jonas playing himself engaging in a fake relationship with another star on 90210 sounds a bit weird.

And if we’re being honest it is. Particularly the bit where they plug his new album in the middle of a clearly dramatic scene.

DeVonna Handy / YouTube

10. Snoop Dogg

In the list of random appearances that have happened during this show’s run the appearance by Snopp Dogg is absolutely the oddest.

He uses plenty of Snoop lingo, endures one of the cast rapping his own songs at them (who would actually do that?!?) and then drives around singing along to his new single.

Utterly weird and one of the most cringe-inducing cameos you’ll likely ever see.

Beverly Hills / YouTube

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