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9 feelings you'll be familiar with if you play Candy Crush Saga

Joy. Despair. Disgust. They’re all there.

CANDY CRUSH SAGA is the smartphone game that has taken the world by storm over the last year.

If you don’t play it, you will almost certainly be familiar with the struggle that those who do play it find themselves in.

If you do play it, you are on a rollercoaster of emotion, and will be familiar with the following feelings.



When you are someone who does not play Candy Crush, you are completely disdainful of those who do.  Why would you waste your time on that annoying game that is being advertised everywhere?

Idiots.  You've got better things to do.


owl Source: Imgur

But wait.  If everyone else is enjoying it then perhaps you should give it a go.  Just to see what all the fuss is about.


image Source: David Guo's Master

Hang on, this is actually pretty good!  It's so exciting when the fish swim across the screen and everything explodes!


candy crush Source: Twitter

The fact that you have to wait for your lives to be generated is too much for you. You find yourself cursing the slow passage of time and googling hacks which will allow you to get more lives without waiting.  You may even... pay for some.


【APP遊戲】Candy Crush Saga Source: Albert.hsieh

Mid conversation with a friend or colleague, you find yourself thinking,

I wish I was playing Candy Crush right now.  I'd give anything to get one of those giant candies that whooshes both vertically and horizontally.... instead I have to have this stupid conversation...


Capture Source: Twitter

You find yourself irrationally enraged when you beat a level and are unable to move any further without connecting to Facebook and getting help from friends.

Why haven't your friends helped you?  What are they doing?  What could they possibly be doing that's so important that they can't simply click the button and send you help?


level 65

You've been stuck on level 65 for weeks, and there's no sign of you ever beating it.  Those stupid jelly blocks won't budge, even when you get two chocolate candies with sprinkles on them.



You've done it!  You've beaten level 65!  A world of brand new levels awaits you!


My Greatest Candy Crush Accomplishment! - Imgur Maybe you should...? Source: Imgur

What have you become?  What has happened to you?  You need to take a long hard look at your life.

Are you experiencing these emotions?  Are you struggling with a Candy Crush addiction?  Share your experience in the comments.

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