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8 reasons you can't stop thinking about the joys of summer
Remember summer? Wasn’t it SO GREAT?

CHRISTMAS IS OVER, and the days are starting to get a little bit longer, so it’s natural that our thoughts are turning to summer.

Given the fact that last year’s was one of the best most of us can remember in terms of weather, the fantasising is even more intense than usual this year.

You’re not alone in your thoughts – here are eight reasons you can’t stop thinking about summer.


farm1-375x500 Stuart McClean Stuart McClean

There was just so much of it.  Before and after work.  You could actually do things in the evening.  Remember?

Being outside

2e5c93fc5fcb277c88837e18ff8cc0451aeba92a04e3a81c9691ca3b29804d12 Avice-Claire McGovern Daniel Fagan, 3, enjoying last summer at Killaspugbrone Beach in Sligo. Avice-Claire McGovern

You could just sit there, outside, comfortably, for hours!  You could have a drink, or just a chat, or just bask in the glory of the sunshine.  Outside!


bbq-5-630x420 Darren Martin Darren Martin

There was something in the air (the smell of burgers) that meant you always knew a barbecue could happen at any moment. Who knew when you’d get a text message inviting you over to cook meat in someone’s back garden.

The potential was always there!

Ice creams

Good Sunny Weather Heatwaves Mark Stedman Mark Stedman

Whether it was a classic 99 or a box of Twisters brought back from the shop by a generous colleague at lunchtime, boy did we enjoy some ice creams and ice pops.

When will that come again?  When will ice cream become a necessity rather than something which makes you feel like a glutton?

Blue sky

Last of the Summer Wine? A mountain she Eamonn Farrell Achill Island, last summer. Eamonn Farrell

It was everywhere, all the time.  The current greyness was nowhere to be seen and as for wet grimy footpaths, well they just didn’t exist.

Bring back the blue sky!


Good Sunny Weather Heatwaves Mark Stedman Mark Stedman

Now obviously we don’t want to exaggerate here, but people were happier in the summer.  There was more smiling.  More skipping.  More doing of things ‘just for the laugh’.

Those days are missed.

Doing stuff at the weekend

D3C_0569 euphro euphro

Not just watching telly or going to the pub, actually doing things.

Getting in the car and ending up at a beach somewhere, or organising a game in the park.  Those things happened during the summer.

Everything seemed possible

farm4-630x472 John Callaghan John Callaghan

‘Sure we’ll make a swimming pool out of some bales of hay!’

Incredible. All we can do is cross our fingers that those days will come again.  In the meantime, consider taking these steps.

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