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9 of the hardest things about being called Caoimhe

Quee-va or Kee-va?

HAVING FOUR of the five vowels in your name is cool. Except when it isn’t.

1. No one knows how to pronounce it abroad…

And we have a winner! #starbucks #irishnameproblems #caoimhe #kaoinhe

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2. …But in Ireland, you have the ‘Quee-va’ or a ‘Kee-va’ issue


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‘Quee-va’ is most popular in the south, but Nordie Caoimhes will insist on ‘Kee-va’. You get both on a daily basis.

3. Or else you’re one of those Caoimhes who likes to be called ‘Keefa’, and you don’t care about anyone’s rules

4. All those vowels coming together intimidates the hell out of people

Good one Starbucks. #coffee #namebanter #itscaoimhe

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Even if they’ve pronounced ‘Caoimhe’ properly in conversation, seeing it written down throws them into a world of doubt.

5. So you’ve been called everything under the sun

Chelsea. Reeva. Craig.

6. Anglicised spellings get your goat

babyname Source: babynamegenie.com

Oh, ‘Kiva’, is it? That’s nice, but you don’t know the struggle.

7. And you know every misspelling in the book

Not even Wexford can get it right #ItsCAOIMHE 👿

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Even Irish people have trouble with it sometimes.

8. Occasionally though, you’re genuinely surprised by them

‘Chomine’? OK…

9. But at the end of the day, it’s a badass name

It comes from the Irish word caomh, meaning ‘dear one’. Own it, Caoimhes of the world.

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