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Galway nightclub delivers almighty burn to the cast of Tallafornia

Back to life, back to reality.

TV3 Spring Schedules launched The cast of Tallafornia back in 2012. Source: Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland

TALLAFORNIA HAS BEEN off our screens for a full year now, but its stars are still milking their 15 minutes for all its worth.

Waterford Whispers has obtained this private correspondence between Galway nightclub Carbon (of the stolen mat challenge) and Philly, one of the cast members of TV3′s roundly slated reality show.

(Please note that his Facebook username is Philly Tallafornia.)

Philly asked a reasonable question, sure, but got an answer he probably didn’t expect.

tallafornia Source: Waterford Whispers

Perhaps their response was a little tiny weeny bit unnecessarily mean, but you have to applaud them for their honesty. They know what they want.

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