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A volleyball named Wilson had Ireland sobbing its heart out last night

It was just too much.

wilson Source: The Scenic Route

LAST NIGHT’S BIG movie was Castaway, starring Tom Hanks as a FedEx employee stranded on a desert island after his plane goes down in the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a notoriously tough watch.

People settled down on their sofas expecting a Saturday night treat. By the end of the film, the whole of Ireland was collectively shrieking “WILSOOOOOONNN!” and sobbing uncontrollably.

wilsonwater Source: Persephonemagazine

Tweet by @sarah byrnes Source: sarah byrnes/Twitter

Tweet by @ciarabyrne✝ Source: ciarabyrne✝/Twitter

It’s all right, everyone. You can cry.

wilson-tom-hanks-volleyball-Favim.com-462602 Source: Jithumpa

Idris Elba did a DJ set in a Dublin club last night>

Remember 1988… in seventeen minutes>

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