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There were so many good one-liners on last night's Catastrophe

“Imagine how hard a 22-year-old boner must feel.”

THE SECOND EPISODE of the new series of Catastrophe hit Channel 4 last night.

And it started with Rob being interviewed… by Domhnall Gleeson:

catastropheg1 Source: Channel 4

Who conducted the most brutally honest interview in business history

And he began with a highly inappropriate monologue:

“Last week, we had this guy in – and he had a great CV – tonnes of experience but he also had an eye patch. Like the pirate kind. Nowadays you’re not even allowed to ask ‘what happened to your eye?’ but you want to know”

catastropheg Source: Channel 4

With wild speculation thrown in:

Was he pulling clothes out of the dryer and he pulled too hard and his hand slipped and he punched himself in the eye while he was holding his keys?

We never did meet the eye patch man

But Sharon was looking forward to getting back to school:

“I’m going back to work – I’m quite looking forward to it actually. It’s going to be nice to be around kids that don’t want to sit in my lap when I take a piss.”

catastropheg2 Source: Channel 4

And had a name for every type of parent in the playground

catastropheg3 Source: Channel 4

Fergal was only desperate to tell them that they actually brought a good wine to dinner

catastropheg4 Source: Channel 4

We were reminded of the perils of modem internet

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)

And this line about who Fergal will be moving to Spain to be with was delivered with panache

rita Source: Twitter

catastropheg6 Source: Channel 4

Rob came out with this line in bed

And Sharon’s ~indiscretion~ with a young lad was discussed in the park

But the most important issue tackled in the episode? The overwhelming, unstoppable stench of Cheese & Onion crisps

catastropheg5 Source: Channel 4

This comeback to one of the teachers was just <3

catastropheg7 Source: Channel 4

catastropheg8 Source: Channel 4

And the whole interview scene was a mortifying guide to how one little lie can ruin you

(If you can’t see the video, click here)

It truly was.

Rob losing it in the playground with Wolf’s mam was a highlight

catastropheg9 Source: Channel 4

The bite couldn’t have been that bad

Another week, another serving of solid gold from Sharon and Rob.

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