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10 times Catastrophe was the most relatable show on TV

It’s basically based on our lives.

CATASTROPHE MIGHT JUST be the best comedy on television.

Not only is it funny, bawdy and weirdly romantic, but it’s also so scarily true to life that sometimes we worry Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are following us around, transcribing our thoughts and conversations.

Here are 10 times it was the most relatable show on television.

1. Each and every time Sharon told someone to f**k off

Pure poetry.

2. When it perfectly nailed what it’s like to have an Irish name abroad

CSbDmp8UAAAjKMS Source: Channel 4

All of Ireland stands in solidarity with Baby Muireann.

3. When this little kid was impressed and intrigued by Rob purely because he had an American accent

american Source: Channel 4/YouTube

We can’t help it — we’re just very impressed by American people and we desperately want to impress them in return. We’re like their needy cousins.

4. When it captured the type of pillow talk couples really have

polcuy Source: Channel 4/YouTube

Who are you calling paranoid? You’re paranoid.

5. Or when it showed how we all tend to get competitive over stupid things. Like who’s better at speaking French.

better Source: Channel 4

Oh yeah? Jeparlefrancais as well.

- you, finding yourself in a drunk “Who is better at French?” competition

6. When it showed how patriotic Irish people are

antiriish Source: Channel 4

Especially if we’re confronted about our drinking.

Us Irish people are at our most sensitive and patriotic after a few beverages.

7. When Sharon accidentally put her foot in her mouth while trying to fit in with the other mums

paloma Source: Channel 4

You know when you just want to fit in and then you inadvertently diss everyone.

Yeah, that.

8. When it captured how slightly selfish we all are

care units


Care units is the best phrase ever, BTW.

9. When it showed what a harrowing experience it is to have your parents over in your house

here Source: Channel 4

*has quiet cry in utility room while your whole family mills about your kitchen*

10. Finally, when its portrayal of Irish Dads was scarily spot on


download (1)

“For the baby.”

You dotey, tight bastard.


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