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19th March 2023 - 25th March 2023
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Bad Sisters and Derry Girls receive multiple nominations for Bafta TV and craft awards
Cillian Murphy, Graham Norton, and Siobhán Sweeney are all nominated for individual awards.
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# catastrophe
Just all of Sharon's outfits from the season premiere of Catastrophe
The main reason we watch.
# Private Members' Bill
'Give us choice': Irish actors call on Theresa May to decriminalise abortion in Northern Ireland
Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan have signed the letter ahead of the reading of a bill that would decriminalise abortion across the UK.
# women on the verge
Here's everything you need to know about Sharon Horgan's new comedy starting on RTÉ tonight
Female-driven TV is on fire.
# sharon horgan
Sharon Horgan said she has 'broken down' over the last episode of Catastrophe a few times
The writer and producer said she thinks it’s good to “quit while you’re ahead.”
# Summer Reading
Catastrophe's Sharon Horgan has curated the top 10 perfect books to bring on your holidays
Two Irish authors feature on her desert island list.
# catastrophe
Sharon Horgan shared a sweet letter from a little girl while Catastrophe filmed in her home
We’d all do the same.
# women on the verge
Here's everything we know about Sharon Horgan's new comedy series set in Dublin
It’s going to be based on Lorna Martin’s book ‘Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown’.
# Irish Comedians Abroad
A bunch of Irish comedians including Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan have made a video asking people to be their yes
It’s got everyone from Ed Byrne to Jimmy Carr.
# Shazza
Sharon Horgan has been talking about how long it took for her to get her first paid TV gig
She shared her very first head shot that was taken in 1991 on Instagram.
# dream team
Our favourite Irish comedians Sharon Horgan and Aisling Bea are doing a show together on a taboo subject
The show broaches the topic of depression and anxiety
There's a heap of Irish talent nominated for this year's BAFTAs
Sharon Horgan has received two nominations for Catastrophe.
# catastrophe
Here's absolutely everything we know about season four of Catastrophe
Sharon and Rob are back in the writing room.
# female filmmaker friday
Sharon Horgan is one of the people sharing words of encouragement for female directors on Twitter
A grassroots movement among female directors has quickly taken hold
# catastrophe
Reese Witherspoon gave Sharon Horgan's Catastrophe a lovely shoutout in Vanity Fair
She’s just like us.
# Tommy Tiernan
Tommy Tiernan's interview with Sharon Horgan was a bit awkward last night
People wanted Tommy to ask some questions that weren’t related to Sharon’s kids.
# shining vale
Here's what we know so far about Sharon Horgan's new horror-comedy show
“It’s a show about mental illness, small-town politics, religion and a family battling their demons. But in a really funny and scary way.”
# too real
Here's why you should be watching Sharon Horgan's latest sitcom about parenting
Graham Linehan is involved.
# the gals
9 times Aisling Bea and Sharon Horgan were complete friendship goals
The laughs they must have.
# sharon horgan
Sharon Horgan admitted to Seth Meyers that her insults on Catastrophe are inspired by her husband
She discusses writing insults with Rob and the perils of working with children.
# they know
'Barely pronounceable Irish names': Catastrophe's new series has landed in the US and the critics love it
ALL the big names.
# strangled by her own bra
Carrie Fisher's appearance on last night's Catastrophe was absolutely lovely (and hilarious, obvs)
# Plan B
Last night's Catastrophe featured the most Irish financial solution ever
We’ve all been there.
# sharon and rob
Catastrophe returned last night and had everyone Googling 'fat Johnny Depp'
A Second Captains t-shirt was also involved in a rather cringey scene. (Spoilers inside.)
# rob's mam
Sharon Horgan shared an emotional goodbye to Catastrophe costar Carrie Fisher
The pair’s relationship couldn’t have been more different from their on-screen personas.
# mad for meat
Sharon Horgan's innuendo-laden meat story was the highlight of the Jonathan Ross Show
She’s mad for the meat.
# catastrophe
Sharon Horgan's daughter sent her this gas text after she lost out on an Emmy
“Master of Nuns what a load of RUBBISH.”
15 important things you missed at last night's Emmys
It’s way cooler than the Oscars. WAY cooler.
# gal crush
Every Irish girl just wants Sharon Horgan to be their dream best friend
Come, drink three bottles of wine and do the rap bit from Drunk in Love with us.
# On the box
10 TV shows you need to be watching in 2016
We don’t think you’re ready for this telly…
# clothes envy
Everyone (not just you) covets Sharon Horgan's wardrobe on Catastrophe
We want a Catastrophe clothing line NOW.
# relating hard
10 times Catastrophe was the most relatable show on TV
It’s basically based on our lives.
# muireann
People with tricky Irish names related hard to Catastrophe last night
Muireanns of the world — it’s your time to shine.
# muireann
People with tricky Irish names related hard to Catastrophe last night
Muireanns of the world — it’s your time to shine.
# catastrophe
Catastrophe's jokes about Irish dads and pregnancy are going down a storm in the US
“I liked this show so much I cried,” wrote one reviewer.
# sharon horgan
"Holy s***": Irish comedian reveals Sarah Jessica Parker will star in the TV show she wrote
You might recognise the ace Sharon Horgan from Catastrophe.
# come on na mban
13 Irish women who are completely kicking ass
Here come the girls, girls, girls, girls-girls…
# for the baby
The most Irish dad ever was on Channel 4's Catastrophe last night
Sharon’s mam and dad paid a visit.
# catastrophe
Channel 4 comedy Catastrophe is about to be your new favourite show - here's why
Get ready to hit “series record”.