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7 reasons to celebrate the end of January

February: Officially better than January.

TODAY IS THE last day of January! Can you believe it?

At first, you’re probably like:

But then, you start to think of the following things, and realise that February being here already may not be so bad after all.

1. The inkling of a grand stretch in the evenings

Dublin City. Incredible. By @ina_75 #instaireland #dublincity #bestoftheday Source: instaireland

A few more hours of daylight make a world of difference. Ask anyone.

2. The end of Dry January, and thus all talk of Dry January

But perhaps the beginning of the “I did all of Dry January!” gloating. Hmm.

3. The easing of the pressure on your wallet

cm-44235-450f0aeb8d141a Source: Wordpress

Payday was yesterday. Chr***mas is far away. Valentine’s Day is negotiable. That might leave a few extra euros for activities.

4. The relief of giving up the New Year’s resolution pretence

Maybe you actually stuck to your resolutions – if so, well done you!

The rest of us can undo our belts a notch and leave it until next year.

5. The ‘detoxing’ and ‘juicing’ pictures will taper off

#bootea #teatox #dayone Source: bekianderson

Instagram will be (mostly) safe to visit again.

6. You can finally shake off that Jannui

spongebob-tired Source: Mshcdn

January + ennui = ‘Jannui’.

Here’s how you know you’ve got it.

7. And spring is here

3931666786_750d029618_b Source: Flickr/soppyfrog

Flowers! Little lambs! St Brigid’s crosses! We’ll have plenty of that, please.

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