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# Talk show terrors
When celebrities meet talk shows: 8 of the most infamous moments
Did you see Mark Wahlberg at the weekend? Well, he isn’t a patch on this lot.

MARK WAHLBERG HAD alot of TV viewers talking over the weekend when he seemed to be a bit too ‘enthusiastic’ on the Graham Norton Show.

He joked about having alcohol before he came on and spent the duration of the show making everybody a bit uncomfortable.

It reached its peak when they did the usual “flip the red chair segment”:

BBCAmericaTV / YouTube

Oh dear, poor Megan from Dublin.

Of course celebrities making, shall we say, memorable talk show appearances are nothing new. We’ve rounded up some of the most jaw-dropping:

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix appeared on David Letterman in 2010 with a full beard, sunglasses and a surly attitude.

He mumbled his way through an awkward chat with Letterman talking about his plans to become a rap star, and found every laugh from Letterman a personal insult.

Thankfully, it was all part of a big spoof for the mockumentary I’m Still Here. Phoenix even appeared on the show a year later to apologise, minus beard.

CBS / YouTube

Kristen Bell

US actress Kristen Bell is certainly no hard-partying Lindsay Lohan type but she still had her own dramatic moment on the Ellen show.

Telling Ellen about how her boyfriend Dax Shepard surprised her with a sloth she shares an embarrassing but hilarious home video of her reaction.

Just talking about sends Bell into floods of tears and by the end of this appearance Ellen plays a prank to keep Kristen’s hysteria coming.

Bell’s over the top emotion made this clip an instant viral hit, they even did an auto-tune remix of it. Seriously.

TheEllenShow / YouTube

Rhys Ifans

Rhys Ifans and Howard Marks appeared on the Late Late Show in 2010 to promote the biopic Mr Nice, a look at Marks’s past as a famous drug smuggler (as played by Ifans).

Ifans seems quite ‘relaxed’ from the off. It’s pretty entertaining.

RTE / YouTube

Mariah Carey

Mariah is now an American Idol judge but back in 2001 she hit something of a low point. The peak was an erratic and now notorious appearance on MTV’s TRL.

She arrives unannounced, wheels in an ice-cream cart and whips her long shirt off to show short shorts and a skimpy top.

I mean, she just wanted to give out some free ice cream. Very noble.

taty7420 / YouTube

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan was once a rom-com queen with a sunny disposition.

But in 2003 she got on the wrong side of Michael Parkinson in what has become one of his most memorable interviews.

She comes off as rude and disinterested and it doesn’t take long for Parkinson to bring things to an abrupt halt. Morto for Meg.

BBCWorldwide / YouTube

Liam Neeson

Liam Neeson joined Ryan Tubridy on the 50th Anniversary edition of the Late Late Show last summer and certainly seemed in high spirits.

Liam joked his way through the interview, talking about how Taken felt like a “straight to video” movie despite its huge success.

While Neeson had plenty of people talking he says it was down to a lack of sleep and nothing else. And, look, we saw Taken. Are YOU going to disagree with Liam Neeson?

RTE / YouTube

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise’s Oprah interview in 2005 was his chance to talk about his new love Katie Holmes but his over the top antics became a pop culture moment he’d never live down.

The real clincher is when leaps on the couch with unbridled joy and Oprah saying “You’re gone! You are GONE!” on loop. Ain’t love grand?

FrightNight96 / YouTube

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