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11 amazing things you used to get in cereal boxes
Did you dig the prize out the second you opened the box… or wait for it to end up in your bowl?

YOU EITHER LIVED in a house where you were allowed to dig the prize out of the box of cereal the second it was opened, or else you had to wait until it fell out naturally.

Either way it was a special moment to hold that blessed bit of plastic or cardboard in your hands.

Bicycle wheel reflectors were a particular favourite with folks at towers, while the nostalgia fiends over at The Greatest Toys of All Time Ever turned up some amazing Rice Krispies treats.

We know we’re missing loads, but if you can remember anything specific that you got in a cereal box (or sent away tokens for) let us know in the comments section below.

11 amazing things you used to get in cereal boxes
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  • 1994 World Cup Kellogs player cards

  • Rice Krispies pencil toppers

  • Kellogs baking powder boat

  • Rice Krispies pencil topper

  • Kellogs bicycle wheel reflectors

  • Snap, Crackle n Pop

  • Rice Krispies goodies

  • Corgi cars

  • Weetabix Star Trek cards

  • Frosties water game

  • Cornflake box masks

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