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The two Irish lads from the cereal cafe tried these ancient brands and they were rank

They tried Barbie cereal from 1989 and Bret The Hitman Hart cereal from the ’90s ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

cerealkillerlads Source: YouTube

YOU KNOW THE two lads from Belfast that run London’s famous/infamous Cereal Killer cafe.

Well, they keep a load of vintage cereals behind the counter in the cafe – and some of them are absolutely ancient. In fact, they’re not really supposed to be eaten at all given their age.

So, naturally, the boys took a few of them down and gave them a go

lads2 Source: YouTube

They started off with The Incredibles cereal from 2005

incredibles Source: YouTube

Despite smelling like “shoes”, this 10-year-old cereal was “actually fine.”

Sealing in the freshness for over a decade. Hmm.

Next was Bret The Hitman Hart cereal from the 90s


Despite smelling like a “used condom”, the lads persevered and tried them anyway.

It tasted as bad as it smelled. “Maybe we should pay attention to sell by dates” was the main conclusion.

And finally, they tried this Barbie cereal from 1989, and it was the rankest of all


Not only did one of lads get sick a little, but they finished the experiment with this line:

For something that looks so f**king good, it tastes awful.

No sealed in freshness on that ancient Barbie cereal then.

They’ll probably be sticking to the more modern brands from now on:

Source: The Keery Twins/YouTube

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