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The freedom to have cereal for dinner is what being an adult is all about


WHAT IS BEING an adult all about? Working? Partying? Starting a family? No. It’s about having cereal for dinner without anybody telling you not to. That’s what it’s about.

There is something incredibly liberating about saying ‘F**k it, I’m having cereal for dinner’

You’re too tired to go to the shop. The thing you thought you could have for dinner is gone off. You’re trying to save money. Oh no, looks like you’re going to have to eat cereal for dinner! *dances with glee*

It’s the realisation of one of your greatest childhood dreams

Your 9-year-old self would be SO jealous. Cereal for breakfast, lunch, and tea! It’s all they ever wanted!

And a great comfort

In a world of #fitfam and gluten free and clean eats, cereal will (hopefully) always be the same.

You might have a special box secreted away in a press just for this very purpose

Dinner of champions! #cocopops #cereal #milk #milkandcereal

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Any cereal is dinner cereal, but the best dinner cereals are Coco Pops or Frosties. Maybe some Crunchy Nut. You wouldn’t want it to be too nutritious now.

And if one bowl isn’t enough, you just have another

Your 9-year-old self is thanking you for being such a legend.

You can even have a glass of wine with it, if you want

This is REALLY asserting yourself as an adult. Drinking a glass of wine with your dinner cereal.

Some people might say it’s grim

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But do they know? Have they ever thrown their hands up in the air, cried “CEREAL FOR DINNER IT IS!” and experienced the relief that follows?

Some people might tell you to grow the hell up, but we’d argue this is evidence that you have

Being an adult is about making choices. We CHOOSE to have cereal for dinner sometimes. And no one can take that away from us.

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