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8 important feelings every Irish kid had about cereal variety packs


THE ULTIMATE CHILDHOOD treat wasn’t penny sweets or sugar sandwiches. It was a variety pack of cereal, and you know it.

1. Variety packs were a holiday indulgence you would have every day if you could

Guys! £1! Morrisons in Preston last Sunday. #kelloggsvarietypack #preston #morrisons #deals

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“Right kids, we’re going to granny’s house for the weekend.”

“But what shall we have for breakfast, dad? Oh, I know…”

2. Although they were frequently the source of many, many fights

If there were more than two kids in the family, the selection process was rather like a G8 summit. One wrong move and there’s war.

3. Everyone wanted the Coco Pops

Always one of my #christmashighlights #KelloggsVarietyPack

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Or the Honey Loops. Or whatever was the most sugary and bad for you.

4. But you’d avoid the Corn Flakes like the actual plague

Always left sitting sadly in the plastic, waiting for their chance. Not today, Corn Flakes.

5. You’ve never eaten Ricicles any other way

As far as you’re concerned they only exist in miniature. Delicious, delicious miniature.

6. One bowl was never enough

Quick breakfast at my desk at work. #kelloggsvarietypack #honeyloops

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The portion sizes are a JOKE, even for kids. Come on.

7. The dream, though? Having them all to yourself so you could mix and match as you pleased

#kelloggsvarietypack #takingmebacktomychildhood #almondmilk #chocolatemilk #decisionsdecisions

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Coco Pops and Honey Loops in the one bowl. Awwww yiss.

8. And secretly, you wish you could do that now

Life's just full of tough decisions! 😋 #kelloggsvarietypack #getyourbreakfaston #cocopops or #frosties

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You can, because you’re an adult and you do what you want. Live your life. Buy that variety pack. You will always get the Coco Pops.

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