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50 shades of grey

9 of the defining characteristics of a soft day

Like the one many of us are experiencing today.

IT’S THE FIRST of October, and we are well in truly in Autumn now.

To get us into the humour, Mother Nature decided to do us a solid and throw us a soft day.

Thanks Mother Nature.  Thanks a bleedin’ lot.

Just in case you are unsure of what exactly a soft day entails, here are its defining characteristics.

The mist

Athlone in the Mist Niall McAuley Niall McAuley

It’s not really rain, more a pervasive mist that seems to get under your clothes and wet them from the inside out.

Useless umbrellas

Umbrella Eva the Weaver Eva the Weaver

Due to the mist coming from all directions, your umbrella is useless.  Don’t even bother with it, because the misty rain will get you no matter what you do.



Apparently we forget how to drive when it's raining.

Impaired vision

It rained... VinothChandar VinothChandar

Wearing glasses?  Well you're just not going to be able to see when you're outside today.

The warmth combined with the mist means that a beautiful speckled fog will cover your glasses.  Lucky you.

Wet clothes

wet jeans

Wearing jeans? Of course you are, it's Autumn!  Well enjoy sitting at your desk all day with hard, cold, wet material encasing your legs.

The unending grey

dublin, dublin magic_bee magic_bee

The sky is grey. The path is grey. The buildings are grey.  It's all grey.

Miserable cyclists


Look around you.  How do your cyclist colleagues look?

Miserable?  That's what I thought.  Cycling through mist and diabolical traffic does not a happy person make.

Shoe regret

Soggy Day Tom Lin :3= Tom Lin :3=

It didn't look that wet when you looked out the window this morning, so you thought you'd be fine in your favourite runners.

You are not fine.  You are walking around your office in your socks.

No end in sight


A soft day is not the kind of day which includes a couple of hours of proper rain.

Oh no.  The mist doesn't end, it just goes on.  Possibly forever.

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