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Here's why you should immediately start watching Channel 4's new series 'Pure'

And why you shouldn’t watch it with your parents.

A debate over dog handling has broken out after last night's Operation Transformation

Is it possible to work out in the same room as your dog?

Poll: Do you have supernatural stories that have made their way into family folklore? Stories Of The Supernatural This post contains a poll

The horrific attack on Jussie Smollett has reignited the discussion on race and sexuality

The actor was the victim of a racist and homophobic attack this week.

'Everybody should be following the example set by nurses': Here's how to help nurses on the picket today

All the ways you can support nurses, from a simple beep of your horn to bringing them lunch.

Here's why you might never fall down a YouTube conspiracy theory rabbit hole again

The site is cracking down on content.

Quitting contraception: why women are throwing out the pill

And why we should investigate our options first.

Megan, please read this breakup advice if you want to get over Wes

You got this girl.

'Has Love Island ruined reality TV? Watching Shipwrecked, you'd be inclined to think so'

How many shows with people in bikinis do we need?

Poll: Are you fully honest when discussing salaries and savings with your friends? Money Matters This post contains a poll

Poll: Are you fully honest when discussing salaries and savings with your friends?

Have you noticed a change in your approach?

French Connection are launching a new bridal range following the success of the 2018 collection

The capsule collection will be available from February 18.

'There's no longer any doubt at all': Critics say the new Michael Jackson documentary is deeply disturbing

HBO and Channel 4 produced a four-hour-long documentary on the allegations against the singer.

Who Sang It: The Grunge Generation

Time to test yourself.

Turning 25 this year? Here's what to expect at your first smear test

Don’t worry! It’s really not as bad as you think.

Where are all of your favourite emo clothes brands now? We investigate

Drop Dead, Glamour Kills, TWLOHA. All of your old favourites.

Save or splurge: 10 of the chicest shirt dresses the highstreet has to offer

Team with boots and a leather jacket, and you’re sorted.

5 ways to know you're dehydrated and why it even matters

Drink up!

Poll: I'm toying with the idea of prolonging Dry January, but what about you? Dry February This post contains a poll

Poll: I'm toying with the idea of prolonging Dry January, but what about you?

‘I found myself with a bottle of wine in my hand on the first Saturday of the month.’

Snoozing the alarm or seizing the day: How do you rate your morning routine? Morning Has Broken This post contains a poll

Snoozing the alarm or seizing the day: How do you rate your morning routine?

Room for improvement or not?

'It's no surprise Peter Stringer was uncomfortable in his DWTS outfits when people hold attitudes like Megan Barton Hanson's'

Initially, Peter didn’t feel very confident in his DWTS outfits.

Eh, some MUAs are pretending to have vitiligo for the Bratz Challenge

Truly the weirdest of flexes.

What is 'selfie dysmorphia' and why are people talking about it again?

Are Instagram filters starting to blur our perception of reality?

People are ripping the piss out of these Boohoo 'maternity' models

What is that!?

What makes up a feminist? Why criticising cosmetic-wearers is a reductive approach

What makes up a feminist?

'Don't bother telling anyone they're 'too easily offended' if you were outraged over what Azealia Banks said on Instagram'

Maybe the real snowflakes were the ones who got upset at Azealia Banks along the way.

Why one blogger is calling on Irish magazines to feature more diversity on their covers

She’s asking Irish magazines to commit to the cause.

How do I ask my housemate to stop going to town on himself in the shared shower every day? It's Dear Fifi

And a follow-up on housemate toilet etiquette.

Vegan 'chicken' wings have found a permanent home in Dublin, but are they any use?

Veganuary’s not over yet.

Azealia Banks called Irish women 'ugly', so Irish people proceeded to spend the night proving her right

Azealia Banks has received numerous racist messages and threats ahead of her Dublin gig.

You don't have to take a 7 day break on the contraceptive pill to appease the Pope anymore

Research shows the break provides no health benefit.

A Youtuber raised €175k for a charity supporting transgender kids 'to spite' Father Ted creator Graham Linehan

Alexandria Ortasio-Cortez joined his Twitch stream and Cher retweeted it.

What has feminism ever done for men?

Except ruin razor adverts, of course.

35 albums you should be looking forward to in 2019

This is going to be a pretty good year (in terms of music, anyway).

Can You Guess If These Junk Foods Are Vegan Or Not?

Vegans like eating sweets too.