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A chicken fillet roll review page has been set up on Facebook and they're making some excellent memes

Contains a hybrid of Martin King and Jean Byrne that you never knew you needed to see.

17951507_721994011313400_3000037350395909763_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

IN THE WAKE of the hype around new food trends in the last few years (spicebags, donuts and burritos to name but a few), the humble chicken fillet roll can often be overlooked.

However, one group of Facebook users are working hard to keep it lit when it comes to the appreciation of chicken fillet rolls. Through the medium of Photoshops and extensively detailed reviews, The Chicken Fillet Roll Review aim to provide the public with “the low down nitty gritty on the sickest chicky filly in Dublin city”.

A byproduct of this has been some hilariously dank chicken fillet roll memes:

(Side note: they have requested that every time we use the word meme in this article it should be accompanied by the word dank. Who am I to deny that request?)

1. Who could forget the classic 10 foot chicken fillet roll Homer got from the company picnic

17498480_711759735670161_3502941239772835063_n Source: CFRR/Facebook


17156016_702266013286200_588462637841705401_n Source: CFRR/Facebook


neat Source: CFRR/Facebook

4. Steamed chicken fillet rolls

17191265_697843517061783_213623182957554805_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

17103451_697843580395110_2373875539480985736_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

17191183_697843693728432_5901227476735895071_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

5. They don’t only make dank Simpsons memes. Paddy Losty’s local was next door to a Spar

17103758_696421803870621_2036838678692080799_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

This is rare footage of the CFR man eating five rolls in 28 minutes as a young man:

Source: Feeetzy/YouTube

6. This was the groups contribution towards International Women’s Day

17155619_699177570261711_5370884355831096257_n Source: CFRR/Facebook


18010182_723674261145375_761173838660599232_n Source: CFRR/Facebook


17757500_720321014814033_3466760744449347849_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

9. “How it feels walking around Spar still off your rocker from the night before”

17800010_718300878349380_6684618463063437392_n (1) Source: CFRR/Facebook

10. An interesting take on what would constitute as ‘peak performance’ in an Irish weather person

17522614_717579861754815_3373166380156191904_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

“This is the perfect weather person. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. Martin King’s head on Jean Byrne’s body. The forecast is pretty sexy too.”

11. Maybe this would have worked better

17800269_718669204979214_1475599370351945006_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

12. OK sorry, can’t help it. Here’s another Simpsons one

1 Source: CFRR/Facebook

13. And another

2 Source: CFRR/Facebook

14. A chicken fillet roll is your only man

17523685_716203321892469_4865108979636604508_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

 15. Rum Roll, a delicacy created by Frank Reynolds

3 Source: CFRR/Facebook


4 Source: CFRR/Facebook


5 Source: CFRR/Facebook

18. Maslow’s hierarchy reimagined for 2017

18156914_730158893830245_1594139740478809939_n Source: CFRR/Facebook

 19. It was all just to get McDonald’s szechuan sauce for his chicken fillet roll

6 Source: CFRR/Facebook


16708301_687902198055915_2895035113094801009_n Source: CFFR/Review

The group are hoping to celebrate National Chicken Fillet Roll Day on the 5th of June.

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