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9 mouthwatering ways to take your bag of chips to the next level

Brighten up that brown bag.

GRAB A BAG of chips on the way home, you deserve it. Don’t want to eat them plain?

We’ve got you covered.

1. Have garlic chips without clogging your arteries

Posh up the usual garlic chips with a dash of fresh garlic and sprinkle some parmesan cheese.

MO0606H_oven-baked-parmesan-fries_s4x3 Source: Food Network

2. Eggs benedict chips Just fry up an egg and mix up some egg, lemon and butter. Delish.

Full instructions here.

eggsbenny Source: Thedailymeal

3. But them in a cheese toastie

Taking the humble chip sandwich to the next level.

img_8594 Source: Wordpress

4. Pizza chips

So you went for the healthy option and got chips instead of pizza, go you. Why not add a little pizza topping to reward yourself? It’s so simple.

pizza-fries-23 Source: kirbiecravings

5. Steak and cheese chips

Massively hungry? This is the solution for you. Pure comfort food, and it will be strangely quick to do once you’ve got the chips ready to go.

philly-cheesesteak-fries-6 Source: Wonkywonderful

6. Whip up some War Fries

Patatje oorlong literally means War Fries in Dutch and is tasty AS. All in involves is chucking some satay sauce, chopped onions and mayonnaise on that delicious chip canvas.

Article_44451_width_800_height_450_crop_True_center_True Source: Nieuwsbladtransport

7. Homemade poutine

Don’t scoff, poutine is excellent if done right. At least this way you have the tasty chip base. Just throw on some instant gravy and mature cheddar and you’re good to go. Who has curds lying around, really?

poutine Source: Wordpress

8. Nacho chips

Get in our belly. Recipe here.

The-most-delicious-dish-loaded-nacho-fries--682x1024 Source: Sweetcsdesigns

9. Whatever this is

Basically, just chuck some beige items in there and give it a shake.

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