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8 reasons why Supermac's beats McDonald's every time

McDonald’s wants Supermac’s to change its name. We’ll see about that.

OUR VERY OWN Supermac’s is making attempts to set up shop outside Ireland, and McDonald’s isn’t happy about it.

Supermac’s is currently trying to get a Europe-wide trademark, but McD’s has filed a complaint saying the names of the two fast food chains were too similar. It claims the word “super” would make people think that the Irish company has a better product.

Well, you see McDonald’s… That’s actually true. Let us explain.

1. The chip offerings are frankly better

supermacs3-392x500 Source: DailyEdge.ie

Firstly, there are the thick-cut chips. More potato = more chip = more deliciousness.

Then, there’s the huge variety of toppings – ‘taco’, garlic sauce, cheese, coleslaw, curry… Does McDonald’s do that? HMM?

2. One word: Snackbox

snackbox2 Source: Supermacs

Oh yeah.

3. There’s proper* breakfast food

5221229015_15ea0ede58_b Source: Flickr/lwy

Few other fast food chains would serve you up a real fry of a morning. Egg McMuffin? Nah, you’re grand.

*Proper breakfast food relative to a fast food chain, obviously

4. In the battle of the jingles, Supermacs wins every time

Supermac's - Timeline Photos | Facebook Source: Facebook

“Tasty and tempting food at… *longest pause ever* Supermacs!”

I’m Loving It doesn’t even compare, when you think about it.

5. McDonald’s isn’t there waiting for you in Heuston Station, like a friend

Hueston_Station Source: Wikimedia

It’s just a fact.

6. The soakage factor is second to none

5785984596_8064074149_b Source: Flickr/Paul Ford

McDonald’s rarely cuts it after a night out.

7. The selection is generally much better

3024903_55ffda9d Source: Geograph

Craving a burger AND a slice of pizza, and maybe a 99? At Supermac’s, you can have all of that. Beautiful.

8. It’s Irish

3024899_fcb78445 Source: Geograph

Get off of our patch, Ronald McDonald.

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