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That chocolate fried chicken you've been dreaming about is now a reality
We want to go to there.

AN EATERY THAT specialises in chocolate fried chicken has opened in Los Angeles.

How much are flights?

ChocoChicken is the brainchild of Adam Fleischman, famous for his LA chain of Unami Burgers. The restaurant’s signature dish is chicken with a batter that contains 62% bittersweet chocolate, and it looks like the perfect combination of deliciousness and regret.

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But it’s not just the chicken that contains chocolate. It’s also used in… everything. Ketchup, duck fat chips, mashed potatoes (white chocolate is used instead of butter), you name it.

“Chocolate isn’t there to make sweetness, it’s there to make more of a savory experience,” Fleischman said, speaking to the LA Times. “It just adds a lot more complexity because a lot of fried chicken is bland because they don’t do much to the chicken, the flavor is all in the coating.”

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But what’s the verdict? Los Angeles magazine said that:

The chicken itself was exceptionally moist. The crunchy crust, stained a ruddy brown by the addition of ground chocolate, was subtely sweet and spicy. Oddly enough, the flavor was reminescent of chocolate graham crackers.

While Zagat said:

Delicious. The chicken is super-juicy, most likely from the brining, and has a hint of sweetness and saltiness both in the meat and the breading. The breading is just crisp enough, not soggy. You definitely taste the chocolate, but it’s subtle.

We await the Irish opening.

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